I will burn myself again and again


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Is my grassland still green?

Are my blue lakes still crystal clear?

Do my mountain rivers still sing their songs?


Eyes of the great gods

Do you witness all these?

If all the bloody crimes of the world?

Can be burned and transformed by the heat of fire;

Who is sucking the blood and marrow from my body?

Who is erasing the bloody images on my chest?


Right before my eyes

Who dug up and desecrated my father's grave?

While I am still listening?

Who cut the life force from my mother tongue?


How can I bear this?

My mind cannot lift this body?

My heart can no longer endure the pain from this wound

Why am I tortured like this?


Yesterday, amidst dreams the bandits have destroyed my ancestral home

Today, right before my very eyes my mother is turned naked

Tomorrow, my children's brains and bones will be scattered in the sky

I cannot submit to this anymore.

This inner feeling based on conception

This path that I found in my dreams.


Today, like this I wish to burn without regret

This magnificent butter-lamp-like light is ignited by my mind

This whole body like an offering bowl I want to sacrifice

Brothers and sisters, who will forever live in my heart

Gods and Goddess illuminated by the conviction of my faith

And the splendour of the mountains and rivers in my heart

As I leave all of you rise higher with my consciousness

As I leave everything is nurtured by my aspirations.


From now on

Let me alone take the bullets from a hundred thousand guns

Let me alone bear the endless tortures and beatings

Let me alone take all your accusations and orders

Reason is,

I can always offer you my precious life in return

I have given you a responsibility that I could have taken.


From now onwards

Please take care of the traditions and heritage of my lineage

Take care of my homeland and its environment

Respect the life-soul of my mother tongue,

Above all give freedom to my beloved brothers and sisters.

This is my last message written in blood.

These are the reasons and aspirations why I burn myself again and again

These must be fulfilled!


All the power of the gods dwelling amidst love and faith

All the feelings of human beings living in the world

Stand in solidarity with my yesterday’s actions

Be witnesses to my present state of affairs

Show support to my family’s tomorrow.

In this way I am travelling on the path of light,

In this way I am burning in the sad face of my reality.


My brothers and sisters living with sorrow and misery

People of the world who live in peace and freedom

And the tyrannical authorities that prefer torture and suppression

All I want is lasting peace and freedom.

What I am searching for is a life of equality and fairness

Until and unless I accomplish this

I will burn myself again and again.


* Translated by Om Gangthik, writer and translator, who studies at the Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies, Sarnath.